Question about Cron jobs

Can someone please tell me if those crons are healthy for the vps?
and if you give me the meaning of each cron task please
To understand how to use them
I attached my cron jobs as an image
Thank you

Yes they are healthy and require to run Hestia …

Please don’t update them … Unless you know what you have changed …

  • v-update-sys-queue executes /usr/local/hestia/data/queue/xxxx files
    Restart = restart services Should executed every 2 min (*/2) always so not
    Daily = Daily statics Needs to run daily it used for daily updating ipset
    Disk = Update disk stats It runs by default 1 time a day …
    Traffic = Same as disk but traffic
    Websites sam as disk … only for outsets
    Backup: If a user manually triggers back up or restore it will execute it by default every 5min

v-backup-user = Daily backup
V-update-user-stats = Counters in Hestia
v-update-sys-rrd = RDD graphs
v-update-letsencrypt-ssl updates ssl when it need to require suggest to run it daily…
v-update-sys-hestia-all update hestia package …

I strongly suggest to not make any changes to the default…

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Thanks a lot sir for your great help

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