Question about SSL and Quick Installer (CMS Versions)

Hello Hestia,

I have a VPS with Hostinger and I have Hestia CP on it. I’m very happy with Hestia, and I would never change it. I have only a few question that I would like to ask, since I don’t really understand how a few things are organised with this CP.

In the CP there is the link WEB where I can setup all my websites, and I’m very glad that I can setup SSL very easily! This only problem is just on the CP that it doesn’t see any SSL Certificate. This means that I send my access details without encryption, and that’s very bad. The url is like this: but https on my browser is lined-through because it doesn’t find it. The website has not issues and it detects the SSL certificate, but I can’t login to the CP using, I can only do that through the IP address. I could I fix this? I would like to access to the Panel through SSL
Second question. When I create a domain I have quick install options with a short number of CMS. Prestashop for example in Hestia comes (currently) with the version, but the most recent version is Who takes care of updating the version in Hestia? Hestia developer or the Server Provider? Another problem with Prestashop is that the version that you offer it doesn’t allow the Admin to connect to Prestashop Addons, if you try to connect to Addons form the CMS Admin control panel you get a connection error, while with all the other CMS that you offer this does not happen, they work amazingly. Please could you look into this?

Thank you very much for your support.

Kind regards,

Renato Bianco

We should do it but running in a bit of backlog with other “jobs”

Feel free to drop a PR to update it.

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