Question on installing Redis

hi, I want to install Redis for my server. I find this article: WordPress Redis Cache: Step-by-Step Tutorial to Set It Up

Because it is almost 2024, I’m not sure if the tutorial is still valid now.

One question confused me most. The article tells me to install both Redis server and Redis PHP extension.
In my impression, Redis is a PHP extension, so I suppose I only need to install Redis extension.

Do I need to install Redis server? When installing Hestia, I have already installed Nginx. I am not sure if this will be a second server.


You need to install both…

“Redis” is a memory based “storage” allowing other software to store thing. And request it a lot faster then for example from mysql database.

Thanks, do I need to configure them? On YouTube, I see someone changed Redis server to SystemD and created a file to put Redis php extension.
This seems complicated.

apt install redis-server php-redid should be enough

After that, is it necessary to install Redis plugin in my wordpress site?

Depending on the theme it might speed things up a lot… When you don’t enable proxy / fastcgi cache

Hey Eris,

I just want to say thank you for all your helpful input. I’ve searched through so many things and you’ve been the number 1 person I’ve seen helping everyone. I don’t know if you work for hestia or not but your support is very much appreciated.

Thank you!