Question: storage mail and mysql space?


Are mysql and webmail included in the ftp constraint storage space?

So, for example, if the client is in a 1000Mb package and your mail is 200mb and the mysql database is 500Mb, can you only upload 300Mb via ftp?

Would it be important for me to know that if I use my own ftp server for hestia, will the storage availability on ftp change?

Limits are soft limits and not enforced by default

Unless you enable the quotas but then mysql is excluded

There are not plans to drop support in the near future…

I’m sorry, I think we talked side by side. I do not understand.

So the FTP storage limit does not include: email, mysql ?

Thank you for answering!

In the user account “Package” limit we count:

And FTP/Web storage

If you enable system quotas
And FTP/Web storage

are counted in those limits

I understand that somehow it is possible to include these with mysql ftp?

No as they are not stored in side the user dir …

With php somehow it is not possible to get all the reserved storage space via api?
On something similar to the check users and password, or as when registering, that account already exists.

Via the api you can fetch current usage for each separate and total

Can you write an example of this?
Or it’s good to describe the name of the script I can use to extract this information.