Quick install apps ideas

As we have slightly improved the handling of new Quick Install apps.


  1. Should work on PHP I am not going to create an install function for Python or NodeJS…
  2. Preferable capable unattended setup… For example Wordpress, Prestashop has some easy one that are well documented
  3. Should be able to run under shared hosting envoirement.
  4. Opensource

Not for consideration:

  1. Magento Needs additional mods / plugins / software and don’t mix well with shared hosting
  2. Nextcloud (Add Nexcloud as quick install app by jaapmarcus · Pull Request #1718 · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub)
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If I got it right you are asking for apps to include in the installer.

  • WordPress
  • WordPress + Woocommerce
  • Mediawiki
  • Mautic
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The quick installer…

Wordpress is allready in so I am not going to add Wordpress + Woocomerce just download the plugin…

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Via discord so far

First of all thank you for your work @eris , the value you offer to this community is incalculable.

I consider it essential to improve the wordpress installer

  • language selector
  • select time zone
  • Select the rest of the date / time parameters
  • Enable multisite in config.php (optional)
  • Add variable wp-content URL (optional)

This improvement would avoid when wordpress is installed having to make those changes.

I will add other apps as they occur to me

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thank you very much to you and others

whatever the apps is going to be, it is also important to implement the use of Cgroups :slightly_smiling_face:

Not with in the scope of the Quick install apps…

Something that would be interesting if possible

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you can consider this : GitHub - koel/koel: 🐦 A personal music streaming server that works.

I would love seeing ClassicPress added to the installer. It’s a fork of WordPress 4.9.



For me it is practically perfect, at the moment.

But I would recommend for easy installation, the following tools:

  1. Mautic. * (very useful for large-scale email marketing * (you would also like to be able to choose the version, it would be useful to do tests and that))

  2. Kutt or Yourls URL Shorteners * (useful for marketing and brand strategy)

  3. Mailtrain * (last to make a simple newsletter) although I think many dependencies would have to be installed.

Thanks for creating Hestia, it’s fantastic.

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How about install WordPress from an image.

This way I could copy the wp-content.zip and database.zip and the installer could deploy the whole app. I can share my bash scripts with you if you find it interesting.

Or even better: Install anything from an image

  • Ask for database zip file.
  • Ask for httpdocs folder zip file.

Kutt and mailtrain will not work. Both requiring node.js what is currently not supported without manual installs.

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Current Quick install should be focussed on adding new apps that aren’t difficult to implement. Changes for Wordpress are more work and a lot of changes can be preformed with plugins what probally a better way. We will improve the unzip speed via file manger by over 50 times so it will be easier to do that…

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That would be great. The perfect solution.

Also for Mautic:

We no longer recommend installing the latest version of Mautic on shared hosting. Most shared hosting providers have cron execution intervals and PHP memory limits that are too low for Mautic to reliably trigger campaign actions, or update without data corruption. This page will be updated soon with the latest recommendations.

If “we” spend x hours integrating an software package. It should be suitable for multiple installs on a shared “hosting” system with multiple users.

That is a recommendation from the people of autoize.com not mautic.

Let’s check those limits before.

  • php 7.4
  • MariaDB + InnoDB
  • Nginx or Apache

I can see this page here: Requirements - Mautic Community

Mautic is easy to install. I have my own test mautic instance in one of my servers and everything runs fine.

Since the php memory limits, cron jobs and so on can be tuned in Hestia I don’t think that it is enough to discard Mautic.

I’ve been wanting to install Nextcloud, but I’ve been leery of misconfiguring something. How did you get Nextcloud to show up in the Quick Install App menu? I’m running v1.3.5 and it’s not there. Is this something where I’d have to update to an alpha build (v1.4.0 Alpha 2) to install with the Quick Install?

Yes Quick install Nextcloud is only available in the Alpha version