Quick Install: Magento installer missing

If the Magento installer is missing, how can we add it?

Take a look at the Wordpress Installer

Change it so it works with the Magento Installer

Place it in

And create a pull request to share the code

Oh ok! So the whole PHP code is missing (I thought it was just the Magento archive or something like that).

I’ll install it manually this time, but I’ll see if I can write it and open a PR in next few weeks.


BTW I failed miserably and moved to WooCommerce, so I won’t deliver an automated installer, like ever :smiley: Sorry!

I did an attempt also but as Magento requires additional packages / modules it to hard to install for an “general” user with out knowledge… So we removed it form the default list. It also required about 4 / 6 gb free memory to install it.

Have just installed it on a 4GB RAM new VPS and a different control panel, for a long-term client. I wouldn’t run any other software on that server! It’s a monster-fest of bloatware that runs OK on a dual-core Ryzen - just.
One site (of two) installed and it takes up more space than about a dozen other sites, running osCmax/Phoenix/Wordpress.
If you’ve got heaps of cash to waste, then fine, otherwise look for slicker options, IMHO.