Quick Install Wordpress Command

I have searched all the shortcut commands, but I can’t find any shortcut commands that can directly install wordperss programs. Please help me to check whether there are quick API commands to install. thank you

Currently not, no. The API is based on the shell commands, which quick installer can’t be triggered from.

You may use WP cli commands though.

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cd /home/user/web/domain.com/public_html
sudo -u user wp db export

For example

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That doesn’t really work with the api…

Sorry. It works with cli and not API.

Maybe we could have a generic API command to run an arbitrary command.


v-run-cli-cmd user /usr/bin/php8.1 /home/user/.wp-cli/wp should work


So with that command and a shell script one could install or upgrade WP from the API


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