RE: Can send out but cannot receive emails

Hey Guys,

  1. Vanilla server again with no special config j using cloudflare DNS. IntoDNS flagged the following
  2. I used this Transferring Mail Accounts - Vesta Control Panel - Forum to do manual transfer of the old mailserver to the new mailserver. I also did remember to run “chown -R user:user-grp /home/domain/mail/”

Any ideas why can send out mails but cannot receive replies? Google is not flagging if mail did not reach. Which logs can i check to look for clues?


I saw this in https://server-IP:8083/list/server/?mail

Relayed messages

  1 localhost[] [email protected]
  =>[] [email protected]
  1 localhost[] [email protected]
  =>[] [email protected]

Total: 2 (plus 0 unshown)

But I am not seeing it in the roundcube at all. Did my importing of the old server email files broke this vanilla vps mailserver?

Thank you for all help Guys!


Check your mail log under /var/log/exim/mainlog.

Hi @ScIT
This is what it shows


Try /var/log/exim4/mainlog

Got it,

Somehow, this keeps on showing

TLS error on connection from
Any idea why? I use cloudflare origin server CA.


Probaly invalid host cert? No idea, you need to do a little bit debug on your own - for example first hit on google: exim - exim4 is showing a TLS error on connection... (gnutls_handshake) - Server Fault

Also the log doesnt seem to be complete, there should be more after the hostname.

This is the log


A disallowed SNI server name has been received - Google Suche.

Any special chars in your domain name?

Nope, its all standard English alphabets only. That is why i am scratching my head.


Hey guys,

I cannot seem to receive email from gmail. This is what exim logs:
2021-05-22 17:35:14 TLS error on connection from [] (gnutls_handshake): A disallowed SNI server name has been received.
2021-05-22 17:36:52 Start queue run: pid=4436
2021-05-22 17:36:52 1lkNkQ-0000M0-MY Message is frozen
2021-05-22 17:36:52 End queue run: pid=4436
Anyone has any ideas?


Please do not reopen multiple threads for the same issue.

And just about the question: “Any special chars in your domain name?”

I see an _ there in your hostname, and you even get warned about it…

Set a proper hostname and a record, then run SSL Certificates and Let's Encrypt — Hestia Control Panel documentation

I really don’t know where it is getting that hostname. This is not even the hostname at all. I really don’t know where all these dns and mx testing tools are gettting this values from. As far as when i set it up with hestia that is not even the hostname at all. Even when i type in the command “hostname” in my bash it does not return the weird underscore hostname. So how else do i solve this? I have wiped and resetted my VPS 5 times already.


The problem is at cloudflare 100%, because they are managing the DNS for your domain.
changing the DNS setings in Hestia or searching for that domain on your server won’t help

What you have to do is go to Cloudflare DNS settings tab and change the mail record from “Proxied” to “DNS only” mode, then wait 5 min and retry resolving the MX record

This will fix your unknown underscore hostname problem 100%


Hi @Lupu , thank you for your kind suggestions. Unfortunately, this the point CF community volunteers strongly making. My account has never proxify the MX. So it has always been “DNS only”. That is why all this frantic search as to what could be putting this errant _ hostname. Nonetheless, thank you, I am already starting to look for cloudflare alternatives(edited)

In all honesty, rather than treating customer like trash at this point in time and hypocritically offering “Free” services. Even if it is some flat fee to replace their free plan is still worth it to me. But i guess #AbandonCloudFlare #CloudFlareAlternative is in order i guess?

Any suggestion for #CloudFlareAltertives?


Amazon Cloudfront.

You won’t have to deal with dns

Thank you @jlguerrero


Just had this myself. No idea what Cloudflare was doing, but taking the proxy off the mail domain fixed it.
dig mx was showing some funky domain name starting with an underscore instead of the actual name. Take the CF proxy off, MX record goes back to normal, mail is sent again normally

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