Ready to Contribute (CI/CD + github auto pull)

First of all, greetings to this shiny awesome community!

Been using the panel and feeling really comfy about how it works, that much that would like to start contributing on an add-on that would primarily works on the web / domain component to connect with CI/CD of github actions.

My main scope is to know if anything like this was already developed, and if not if someone can point me in the right direction as i will be experimenting with it untill ive got a fully functional pull request to let the community test it.

The extension / App would work as a connector with github (maybe with an auth to connect your repo) and start the process of pulling to public_html by default but also extensible to custom folder that could be useful for services, when a repo update is pushed.

Already grabbed info on how this kind of system works, so i’ll give updates soon.

And of course if anyone wants to collab is welcome in this exciting journey.

Sounds good! Maybe it is an idea to build this on git? So you can also use gitlab instead of GitHub?

There are multiple ways for doing this, what is the way you are thinking about?

Yes! that approach can work too, my idea is to have a installer to quickly auth and connect with repos and manage them like any CI/CD approach with automated pulling.

Steps would be:

New Domain
Create App
Select Addon
GH Auth
Select Repo

And that would be all, the script should automatic pull and expose it.

Also i dont know if after a new addon is ran and installed, its a common practice / common approach to make some changes at ui so also we have a gui to config this.

The first steps could be start forking the project and creating the CLI to do the auth right?

Thanks for the interest and help @Aartsie !