Rebuilding user accounts and domains stuck since update

The message “Rebuilding user accounts and domains, this may take a few minutes…” with the account admin is somehow stuck, since hours and I can’t login into HCP anymore.

Am I the only one with a stuck upgrade? Anyone has any hints on how to unblock the upgrade?

Thanks in advance

It should not take that long for sure, also admin should not host any websites. You can open another session, do an ps -ax and check for the related process id and use kill to stop that process. Then go over and try to manualy rebuild the user.

I have no longer access to the interface for whatever reason, I can’t send mails anymore either, all sites are down…

Here’s the output: of the console.

Any help?

As written above… Hard variant: reboot the server

Done it 3 times, no matter which user I try to rebuild hangs.

Where does it hang, during upgrade (when you run apt install -f / apt upgrade)? What happens if you manualy rebuild a user? Is the load unusual high? Anything in the logs?

Enable DEBUG_MODE in /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf (from false to true)

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In my case, my bash scripts did the update of Hestia automatically before days. Only now and today, I saw that an update was through! Somehow it was not in my radar that Hestia would do an automatic update.

Great job done by the team. The update went smooth.

I like the team and the marvelous support given here to everyone.

Just tried v-rebuild-user. It took seconds. No problems.

So there is no problem with the new version 1.5.0, I confirm.

Just as an update to my problem, disk space was the issue :roll_eyes:.


Doing a few checks during update like check disk space especially would be useful for automatic update. If auto update fails it could email you and say auto update failed due to disk space. If someone has some coding skills this would make a handy PR.

Please create a feature request

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Update and rebuild doesnt need much diskspace, probaly the upgrade of other software packages caused the issue - this here was a manual update, not auto. Also monitoring, doesnt matter if it is load, memory or storage, isnt part of hestia and should be done with related software, for example icinga2.

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