Receiving server root email notifications

Something changed about 60 or so days ago and we no longer receive notifications from the panel. Our Hestia servers doesn’t have email installed (we use another machine for email) however, we installed msmtp for apticron to send us email on server updates which works. We’ve also created an alias file for Hestia to send us root email which also isn’t working.

Is there somewhere on the server I can tell the panel which email to send root email to so it uses msmtp (valid email is set in the gui) or do I have to run in /usr/local/hestia/install/upgrade/manual/ to get root email sending again?

Lastly, will running v-add-sys-smtp with the proper syntax simply solve this?

We haven’t changed the default method of sending email(s) if no exim has been installed. How ever running: with a valid email details should work fine…

v-add-sys-smtp is the same as only it will allow us implementation via Web GUI how ever it is not yet done…

Hi @eris
We didn’t install email when installing Hestia, so we’re using msmtp to receive email from the server. I assume apticron is using sendmail.

Is there a way to get the panel to use sendmail for root email and is running v-add-sys-smtp with the proper info safe?

By default “mails” are send via sendmail the only exception is when v-add-sys-smtp has been used then it will send mail over phpmailer. To disable it v-delete-sys-smtp

I see. So if Hestia is already using sendmail to send root email, wondering why apticron sends using sendmail and arrives at our email server, but server mail doesn’t send or arrive.

Could we have set an alias wrong? If Hestia doesn’t use the admin email entered in the panel gui, what root email (eg. [email protected]) does Hestia use?

So far I know phpmailer still uses mail() as van fallback. Maybe need some testing