Recieve mails on port is losts

Good day. I have SSL SMTP traffic enabled on port 465 and IMAP on port 995 on the e-mail server, which works well when used by the e-mail box but if someone sends e-mail from another e-mail box (from another server) to my so the message is received via port 25.
I found out by blocking ports 25 and 143 on the firewall for security, and after a while I found out that I didn’t get messages on the server. When I looked into the Firewall it is because the server receives messages on port 25 and not on port 465 even though SSL is enabled.
I tested sending a message to my server from gmail, where I have set up sending via port 465 as well, but this is not the case. I want to ask how can I solve this problem?

you need to leave port 25 open, its the basic communication port for emails and not all servers do use ssl yet.

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