Recommended O.S. for HestiaCP on VPS

Hi Guys,
What OS you have recommend install, Ubuntu18.04 or Debian 11?
For best performance of HestiaCP run on VPS [2vCPU, 4GB, 80GB SSD]

Many thanks.

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Debian 11 since it is more modern and a bit lighter.

Both should work fine though.

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Debian 11 since 18.04 is EOL in 1 year…

We don’t support any OS after its End of Standard Support

This will mean mean that Bionic beaver is supported untill April 2023

Focal untill 2025 and Jammy Untill 2027 (After release for 1.6)

For Debian 9 we will support till end of Juli this year.

(Also we don’t support non LTS)

Ah! Now I understand what you mean. @eris
So Debian11 was the best option for me.


Yes …

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