Redirect between two of my sites


I have two websites in hestia, both on wordpress. One is (a test site on which the vision for the main site was being built). The main site is on the Today the main site started redirecting to the test site. The main site goes through Cloudflare and the test site is set up directly with an A record. How can this happen and happen by itself?

Hi @dimdum,

Well, I’ve checked your main site (the actual one) and it is not redirecting to your test site, it works fine. Don’t know whether you fixed it or it is a caching issue with your browser…

Hi @sahsanu and thanks for your answer.

Yes, the problem “disappeared” after I restored a backup from a early morning this day (of the entire server, not just the sites). I don’t really know what caused the redirect. If it appears again, I’ll write again, thanks!

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