Redirect Hestia - "Success" Page accessing by IP

Hi There,
We are hosting Wordpress with Hestia in a AWS LightSail.
so the setup is simple, however we have problem putting a loadbalancer…

Current Setup:
In our DNS when we Create a new A record, example → to → IP - all working fine
What is not working:
We have create a LightSail Load Balancer, and we would like to Point the DNS to it for example, the load balancer health check check the Server root path /var/www/html and the page that is there is Success Page not our Wordpress /public.html page

the questions is how can i change the routing from NGINX so when accessing the server by IP showing the the page we want to show rathe rather than Hestia Success Page ?



It is probally a Lightsail configuration they should not access ip directly but include the domain into the curl request they run.

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