Redis Full Page Cache

Could someone help me make a wordpress template with full redis page cache? using the redis plugin and also the nginx helper?


Welcome to the forum! Have you given this a shot?

This tutorial is for redis db, you have template redis full page cache, like cenminmod and wordops?

This Wordpress plugin can be used. This will enable Wordpress to use Redis to speed everything up a bit…

The tutorial was for setting up redis and using it as an object cache. Did you even try it?

Anyways, redis is not designed for file caching. For that you probably want a different tool.

I talk about nginx vhost config for redis-full-page cache.

Right. There is no current nginx redis cache template. It doesn’t make sense to have one when we don’t install redis by default. Maybe someone else in the community has one.

You’re free to make one yourself. If you do and you feel it is the best thing since sliced cheese, feel free to submit it on our github for review.

Here is a guide on how to make a template for Hestia:

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You can’t create for nginx template for redis cache… Redis is only capable for saving small pieces of data.

This is what you want: Is there a way to integrate varnish in Hestia?

How ever not yet ready for release…


I use centminmod and wordops, both have a vhost template for nginx, I will try to adapt and make one for HestiaCP.