Redis Installation | ERROR with phpx.x-redis & Integration with wordpress

I have installed the Redis on my server running hestiacp. by following steps,

1: sudo apt update
2: sudo apt install redis-server
3: sudo systemctl enable redis-server
4: vi /etc/redis/redis.conf [maxmemory 1024mb & maxmemory-policy allkeys-lru]
5: sudo systemctl restart redis-server
6: sudo apt install php-redis

Now as i researched in google and hestiacp forum, i have to install redis for particular version of PHP, to use it in latest version.

i tried following command as per guide but got error:

apt install php8.2-redis

tried another command as per another guide (step 3) and after tried to check is it installed or not:

Anyone please give guide to resolve the issue.
Also help me how can i perfectly integrate it with wordpress.?
and after intigration how can i check is it working and connected successfully?

and i have another some confusion, after installing redis, it will effect [decrease] my previous website performance or load speed?

tried with below command, site is running on php7.4
sudo phpenmod -v 7.4 -s ALL redis

Also tried with installation of
sudo apt-get install php-igbinary

Are you using Debian or Ubuntu? What version?

Show the output of this command:

grep -rE 'sury|ondrej' /etc/apt/

I am on Ubuntu 22.04

grep -rE ‘sury|ondrej’ /etc/apt/

That is the reason you can’t install php7.4-redis package, you are not using ondrej’s ppa, you have the lines commented in:


I don’t know why you have those lines commented but you should uncomment them and run sudo apt update and then you should be able to install the php7.4-redis package.

From which file i can uncomment this.
Whats the directory and file name.

From the files I wrote in my last post

thanks bro, issue resolved…

One more confusion, i am on ubuntu 22.04 mean jammy,

then i have to uncomment both lines or just first one.

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If you sre not using source packages with the first one is enough.

If you are using apache, remember to uncomment the line in the other file.

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