Reference to fullchain .pem or .crt, and .key files via gui


When enabling ssl for web site, one have the option to paste in .crt content, .ca content and .key content of ssl certificate. And also autogenerating Lets Encrypt certificate via certbot or ACME in the background.

But what if one have already replicated keys from for ex. another server. How do I reference fullchain.pem or .crt, .ca and .key files via GUI? Is that possible? Or else, where to edit this behind the scenes?

.crt → Cert Field
.key → Key Field
.ca → Chain Field

.crt + .ca → Cert Field
.key → Key Field

Should also work fine

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Perfect! So these inputboxes can also contain paths to ssl files on disk. Such as /etc/ssl/certs and /etc/ssl/private ? And even paths to symlinks.

No the contents of certificates it self you can open them in a text editor.

Ok, but that’s what I’ve already done. Instead I want to point out my own certificate files from the HestiaCP GUI. Or get a hint where I can configure it by my selft manuallly through the terminal, without HestiaCP later destroying the configuration after an update or some process within the panel.

I have the ACME renewal of a wildcard certificate on a completely different platform, and i replicate the certificate files to the Ubuntu Server having HestiaCP. Upon every renewal, the files are automatically replicated to the Ubuntu Server, and then I don’t want to manually open and copy text from the files into HestiaCP. I want to put a reference once and for all to them or a symlink predefined by my self (through HestiaCP, or if not supported instruction how to do i manually with graceful interfearence of HestiaCP).

Check out

:+1: Thanks! That’s most probably suits my needs.

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