Rejecting incoming messages - How to directly query DNSL domains?

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I’m using Bind9 and have instructed it to DIRECTLY query DNSBL domains (e.g. spamhaus, spamcop, uribl, dnswl etc) by overriding forwarders just for those few domains in /etc/bind/named.conf.local

Can we get some guidance on how to configure Bind9 to “DIRECTLY query DNSBL domains”?

For the time being I have checked for forwarder entries in Bind9, removed any forwarders and removed public DNS entries from resolve.conf

Going to make my DNS queries sluggish for first queries, but happy to live with that for the time being until I learn how to implement as suggested above.


or you can use dqs and setup exim to use your api key…

DQS : Spamhaus Customer Portal

The exim part :

  deny    message       = Rejected because $sender_host_address is in a blocklist at
          dnslists      = <api_key>

And remove everything in /etc/exim/dnsbl.conf

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