Remote access to mySQL


i have a trouble with remote connection to mySQL. On VestaCP when I add rules to firewall, like in Hestia it’s work perfectly.

But in HestiaCP I can’t connect from remote host to mySQL - I try connect by IP, by the hostname - no effect.

Anybody have any idea where can be problem?

it’s not neccessarily only about opening ports in the firewall. you need to configure mysql (mariadb) to allow external access in the first place.

please do not assume ‘a problem’ because something in Hestia works differently compared to Vesta.
we try to do better especially in regards to security and therefore we are not just a replacement - a bit of effort and adoption to it from your side might be required :wink:

I resolve this problem by change bind_adress in /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d from to and open ports in firewall - without add rules to firewall Its still dont work :slight_smile:

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