Remote backup with rclone

Hi, what values should I add here to configure rclone?

I already have rclone set up from the terminal and have a cube up and running, but I don’t know what values I should add here.

I added my bucket endpoint and the name that was assigned when I set up rclone but it’s not working.

Hello @Maxi,

Host should be the name of remote that you configured in rclone:

rclone listremotes


rclone config show

And the directory should be the bucket name.

Before trying to add it to Hestia, you should check that your rclone config is correct, for example:

List files on remote:

rclone lsf YourRemote:YourBucketName

Upload one file:

echo "test" > /tmp/backuptest.txt
rclone cp /tmp/backuptest.txt YourRemote:YourBucketName/backuptest.txt
rclone lsf YourRemote:YourBucketName
rclone delete YourRemote:YourBucketName/backuptest.txt
rm /tmp/backuptest.txt


Thank you very much, I managed to configure it perfectly, greetings.

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