Remote Rclone backup works for User with small Data but fails with large amount

Hi There, I have just setup Rclone to my nextcloud so I can backup my websites/emails, it works fine on account with only like 3MB, but my main account is 10GB and I keep getting warning email of not enough space, I have disabled local backup as my hosting server is only 25GB, but my nextcloud have over 1TB available.

Not enough disk space available (5803 mb) to perform the backup of myuser1. ( 9470 mb * 2 = 18940 mb). Backup & Restore | Hestia Control Panel

It looks like when I have switched of local backup it has not worked and trying to store it on the hosting server?


Make sure to have enough disk space availble…

Hi @eris I have just checked again and I have over 1TB available on my nextcloud and have local backup turned off? Should it not do a backup straight to my nextcloud via rclone?

Backups are still created locally before copying to remote location…

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Okay I see… that explains it. If I mount another drive to my VPS and change backup directory to that will that work?

Yes, if you mount another drive with enough free space on /backup/ dir, it should work fine.

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Thanks, will give it ago