Remove Apache2 after Install

Hi there, thank you for such an amazing WebPanel, i searched trought forums and i fiind some info in how to remove Apache 2 webserver after install using this custom script

But the problem is that it doesn’t work , trows some error at the end
for user in $($BIN/v-list-users plain | cut -f1); do
echo $user
for domain in $($BIN/v-list-web-domains $user plain | cut -f1); do
$BIN/v-change-web-domain-tpl $user $domain ‘default’
$BIN/v-rebuild-web-domain $user $domain no
Im using it on Debian 12, on a production machine so you guys realise that i cannot reinstall it, what i want to ask does this script needs to be in a specific directory to work ?
And more i can mannualy apply the script lines in my /usr/local/hestia/hestia.conf
but the above commands dont know how to apply should i apply them as root in /bin dir of hestia ?
like v-list-users plain | cut -f1
v-change-web-domain-tpl $user $domain ‘default’
v-rebuild-web-domain $user $domain no

Will it work ? , and the most important thing will rebuild delete somehow the files ?

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Topic can now be closed i have succeded script has worked flawesly but fault was mine ive been taking it from github using wget.

That topic works just fine.

For the next times, you can use wget to get the script from github but you must use the raw version:

wget ""
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