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Tried to search on forum but can’t find how to delete installed App from “Quick Install App” section. For example how to remove Wordpress from domain. Thank you :wink:

There is basicly no way, you can remove the content of public_html or the domain manually, also you need to remove the database.

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Thank you for your reply. I removed everything I wanted manually.

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If the panel could somehow keep record of the app-database pair, then this could be possible.

It is not planed to provide an “uninstall” option for the quick install app function.

Of course I know. We have already spoken about it before and I know that it is not in the roadmap.

The thing is that knowing the relationship between apps and databases could allow to:

  • Deployment of apps in staging and vice versa
  • Deployment of pre-constructed wordpress instances
  • backup of apps / export of apps
  • restoration of apps / import of apps
  • less time figuring out which app goes with which database
  • this uninstall app functionality
  • some other things that I have not thought of but maybe someone finds them useful.

So the thing is that nothing in this list is in the roadmap. Not only the button.

Again, I already know that this feature is not very interesting for you and I am happy with hestia as it is now.

Thank you again for your work.

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