Remove Mail System?

I plan to separate the mail system from the webserver and let mxroute handle all the mails. Therefore I’d like to free the webserver from all resources that have to do with mail. E.g. Spamassassin and ClamAV. I didn’t find a core script to do that afterwards. How to proceed?
Best, mandrael


We don’t currently adding / removing features for Spam / Clam AV it mostly comes by disabling in /etc/exim/exim.conf.template and stopping the services and removing it


Thanks eris, I found a post where you explain how to deactivate spamassassin and clamav:

Because mxroute doesn’t support GDPR and I’m in the EU, I’ll reconsider if I use an external mail server or HestiaCP with smtp2go (smtp relay). If someone wants to share experience with this, I’d be happy to hear it.

Thanks, mandrael

Just as a side note, you may find that blocking all the mail ports at the firewall by removing their rules is a better alternative. Occasionally websites you’re running on the server need to send mails, and unless you’ve configured them to send via an external SMTP server, they’ll try to use the local sendmail command (ie exim). Also alerts from cron, logwatch, hestia upgrades etc are pretty handy to have, so I’d urge you to consider leaving exim installed and running, at least.

If you’ve already considered all this, apologies. Just wanted to make sure you understood the repercussions of completely removing the mail subsystem. Also ignore this if your only intention was to remove clam and spamassassin, but the title seemed to indicate the whole mail subsystem.

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