Renaming a DNS cluster server

I am migrating a DNS system into a Hestiacp cluster, and intend to replace the servers one at a time, by changing the IP addresses of the name servers as registered with the domain registrars.
They will be slaves of a master that will not be used as an authoritative server.
There are about 400 domains involved.
In order to have the servers ready, I am setting them up in advance of the change with temporary hostnames. The first will also change its IP address to the existing IP address.
The things I want to know are:

  • Is it possible to rename the remote dns host on the master or would it need to be removed and readded?
  • Does changing the hostname affect the API key and does that need to be regenerated?


Renaming is not supported how ever you should be able to alter the config in and update the host value.

As everything works anyway with the ip…

You might need to update the hostname in the config…

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

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