Replace fixed mail._domainkey to other selector

How to replace fixed mail._domainkey to other selector like dkim._domainkey ?

Hello @hestia,

You can’t, dkim selector (mail) is hardcoded in HestiaCP. Well, you could do it modifiying several hestia scripts and exim conf but it isn’t worth because in the next update your changes possibly will be overrided.

Maybe you could open a feature request in github and whether devs think it is a good addition they could add it in a future release.


This is some kind of horror…

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Agreed. DKIM selector needs options to contend with collision. I encourage you to submit a feature request. Even better if you can write the code and submit a pull request.

By default we use always so it shouldn’t matter if we want to change It we need to make it flexible in all locations…

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