Reporting user bandwidth

I am quite sure this command updates users traffic and I’ve configured it to update every 5 mins compared to the default 24 hours.

sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-update-sys-queue traffic

Now, I’ve run the command as root to force update user bandwidth and I don’t believe the updated bandwidths even reflect accurate counts. I’ve used 100 GB of Bandwidth in 1 day and I only run Hestia while I know this is expected bandwidth usage for one of the domains, I have added which the user discussed with me and it’s started since yesterday which seems accurate, I see Hestia only showing 12 GB of bandwidth usage for that user and 88 GB is missing and since Hestia is the only thing running. I don’t know where the other bandwidth is gone to it should be that website. Just for context, the website is PHP based and runs a lot of PHP stuff and image hosting/file hosting and checking if images/files exist in certain places. It’s essentially a file/image mirror. I’ve made changes to the user’s max children and max requests since they were reaching the cap and updated it all. I don’t know where this other bandwidth is or why it’s not showing. Thanks. I just want to display an accurate bandwidth count everywhere that adds up.

This section of statistics is limited to Hestia. For detailed traffic statistics, please refer to your hosting provider.

The website is hosted on Hestia, the PHP script generating the bandwidth is on Hestia? The bandwidth is on a website hosted using Hestia?

Hestia is not a server system. There may be other traffic that is not counted by Hestia. Please check the traffic situation of the hosting provider