REQ: 'filters' in roundcube

which is a basic one when using emails …

Install Sieve…


yeah ! great idea !

cd /tmp
sudo wget
sudo bash line 8: syntax error near unexpected token newline line 8: `’

You need to use the raw version but it is also located in /usr/local/hestia/install/upgrade/manual/

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ok you mean
wget ?

wonderful :ok_hand:

why not integrating it to hestia? that’s basic usage in a mail box, no?

You can install it on new servers with the install script.

yeah ! i did the script install :v:
it’s installed, with two different ‘filters’ icons in the settings

one …/?_task=settings&_action=plugin.managesieve
says Unable to connect to managesieve server :muscle:

the second …/?_task=settings&_action=plugin.filters
says, well nothing much, it just doesn’t do anything

what did i miss this time?
should i have varnished the whole script before installing it?
change ownership or something? config some config somewhere?
I did find some threads on the net, but I can’t be sure that applies to my configuration …
I could use more help here … :pray:

The last one can be deleted ,…

^^ thanks @eris
but i don’t have that choice yet
it’s in the roundcube webmail at this address

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Check in the error logs why it not working

I noticed
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/etc/dovecot/sieve’: File exists

Will fix it but you might need to revert to the original state before trying or just follow the steps after the changes

@eris it do appreciate your reactivity and good advices
but i’m really a beginner and it often seems difficult for me to follow the route you’re indicating …

here you send a link to HESTIA install, what should I do with it? install it? i have HESTIA installed … :thinking: reinstall it?

update it? well i updated it yesterday (apt upgrade) since it doesn’t seem possible to login roundcube …

‘revert back to the original state’ i don’t understand? which state?

This is a PR where al the changes have been made so it will solve the issue how ever during the install some “issue” happened so after

You need to follow the “steps” manually:

ok thanks eris
i’ll delete the present dovecot folder in etc
and then follow these steps

oh no, i’ve deleted dovecot, when it was just sieve …
how should i reinstall it again to work with Hestia?
… arrghh bummer

Backup users to local computer
Wipe server and start over again.

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ok …
i launch a backup now for each user in HESTIA
and download it to my local machine

that’s a really nerves tiring job hey …
thanks eris

there is no system backup for the entire HESTIA settings?
(all users and settings all at once?)