REQ: Quick Install / Multisites

each domain panel offers a quick install for a fistfull of useful apps

could you integrate a multisite version of that? and save loads of ressources?
: install nextcloud once, and have it working on each domain with its own database and webmail …
same with wordpress / though it would be different from their single DB way of doin’ it

could someone help in setting that up now?
oodellaly thanks

We have no plans to support to add support for multisite it complicates everything a lot and the savings are minimal.

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really? i thought it would make sens …
you reckon that several instances of nextcloud, for instance, on one server is ok?
then i’ll just do it this way ^^ i’ve got servers at CONTABO, basic ones, 4cores 8Gigs - how many nextcloud could run on it do you think?

It would be complicated for instance with any appthat supports custom code or plugins since with the pass of times the different versions will become incompatible.

For example:

-Wordpress core
-WordPress themes
-WordPress plugins
-php version

I have with an old or outdated or custom wordpress plugin. My Cron job updates WordPress to the latest version and breaks overnight.

If I update from server without permission, then my client will complain because her site stopped working for no reason and I will have to work for free to either update everything and get it to work or detach that domain from the main server version of wordpress.

that surely makes sens the way you put it

in my thoughts, the situation you describe would not apply, cause -differently from word press- i’m thinkin about one server, one nextcloud, one admin.
users can only access usage, datas, but in no way app installation - which could be submitted to the admin when one app is needed by the community of users, and still framed by the ‘limit to group’ if necessary

@punkyard we have no plans to implement this feature. We have limited time and no income out of this project so we have to make choices. And this one not on our list

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and you’re doing a good job
i’m just participating to the general conversation
since i got the Member badge :shield: i feel i’m helping with any question :sweat_smile:
and ‘no’ in a precious answer in a project timeline :+1:

If the system itself has multidomain support, it can be done easily with Hestia. E.g. I use Contao and simply point every additional domain to the same folder. This is supported by Hestia via dropdown.
Best, mandrael

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But not over multiple users …

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Yes, this would be multidomain within one Hestia user (CMS user management via CMS). I guess the initial post meant using one NextCloud Installation with all the Hestia users and customize it per user (like currently with Roundcube, although RoundCube has one database for all users in Hestia if I’m right.).

yes, that’s what i meant
one nextcloud install for several domains in hestia
within the same hestia user
or different hestia user

somebody mentioned creating symlinks
i’m starting to understand this idea: one domain would hold the main commun folders and files, when a second domain would have symlinks to these main folders and files
each domain using his own config file and database …


The command is
ln -s

The destination folder files should have such permissions so that it can be read by any user so it should be 555 for folders and 444 for files.

If you want the user that owns the files to write, you should set 755 and 644

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You still have issues with openbase dir and so on…

do you mean the symlinks may cause issues with open dir ? and that it won’t work this way?