[REQ]rspamd for hestiacp


I would like to ask for rspamd to be included in hestiacp.
This will reject outgoing spam.

Will there ever be a chance he gets in? :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I don’t know it will depend on how many users want it to replace it and if it is the effort worth to replace spamassign with rspamd. Unless it is will replace spamassign I don’t think it is worth the time investment to keep it supported. We are currently considering sliming down the installer options…

I mean, maybe there’s some right setting, if an email address is hacked, you catch spam?

I have stopped using spamassassin for a few months now, and I have much better email spam filter since then. Email spams are sick as hell, so in my opinion, Hestia must replace spamassassin with rspamd completely.

Here’s the simplest setup:

Install Hestia without spamassassin
Install rspamd, it’s pretty straight forward, and do custom config as much as you like
Edit exim4.conf.template to connect to rspamd:


    spamd_address             = 11333 variant=rspamd

That’s it.

I do hope that at least Hestia developers are willingly to do this simplest integration in Hestia installer. But I also expect to have admin UI settings integration for rspamd such as:

  • whitelisting / decreasing score (domain, IP, email address, etc)
  • blacklisting / increasing score (domain, IP, email address, etc)

I Agree RSPAM is the best spam product I have used by far I don’t use it with HestiaCP but with mailcow. definitely surpasses spam assassin’s default configuration. I would very much be for this and eliminate spam assassin all together

If we want this to happen we can submit a PR ourselves.

Its a little more complicated than your post suggests. Basically everywhere in exim4.conf.template where there is a mention of Spamassassin, you need to include a similar block for Rspamd. But its not hard and there are examples around the internet.

As for your request to include UI configuration, I’m sure you know that rspamd does have a UI where you can exit blocklists. You can make this available in hestia by altering the hestia nginx.conf so that it appears on mydomain.com:8083/rspamd

I run it on hestia servers doing ‘serious’ email duty, and I do find it better than spamassassin. Also its quite economical with memory usage.

Would you like to help out with the development of an rspamd integration @pluto? We currently consider to support it, but still could need help :slight_smile:.

I could certainly make my setup notes and sample configurations available to you. In fact I’ve probably done that in the forum in the past.
But I don’t really understand what I’m doing with github, so I might not be the best person for the actual integration.

Yeah I forgot to include rspamd block in exim4.conf.template at acl_smtp_data chain. But it is really no brainer for average system admin, official tutorial is here MTA integration that works almost out of the box.

Actually I use docker to store rspamd and clamav for better modularity.

I would appreciate replacing spamassassin with rspamd, too. Please make it happen :pray:

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