Request for File Manager Enhancement

Dear HCP Community,
I would like to bring forth some ideas and suggestions for enhancing our beloved HestiaCP, with a particular focus on the File Manager.
Currently, our File Manager falls short in terms of functionality, hindering our daily operations significantly. I believe it is time to make some changes to improve the overall user experience.
Here are key areas that could benefit from improvement:

  • Complexity in File Movement: The current process for moving files is more convoluted than necessary. Simplifying this process, perhaps through an intuitive drag-and-drop feature or a more streamlined contextual menu, would greatly enhance usability.
  • Non-Editable Date Format: The current date format could be more user-friendly. Allowing users to customize the date format would cater to individual preferences and improve overall accessibility.
  • Visual Design and Usability: Aesthetically, our current File Manager could use a facelift for a more visually appealing and user-friendly experience.
  • Lack of Total Folder Size Display: The absence of this feature is a significant drawback. Adding the display of total folder sizes would assist in better disk space management.
  • Inability to Modify Write Permissions and Certain File Functions Unavailable: Critical functions such as modifying write permissions and editing specific files are currently unavailable. Having full control over these options is essential.

The File Manager is a vital component of any control panel, and its current limitations are impacting our productivity. Furthermore, its lack of features might lead some of us to consider alternative solutions.
As a remarkable community, I am confident that together, we can make a difference. I encourage everyone to share their opinions, experiences, and suggestions on how we can enhance our File Manager. Together, we can elevate HCP to new heights.

Thank you for your attention and participation.

We use Filegator as Filemanager:

We don’t have time to develop a new Filmanager. Feel free to open there a Feature request

Change line:
hestiacp/install/deb/filemanager/filegator/configuration.php at e430b49b62e962c7c623cf11754eede16032cf0d · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub in

But if we want to change it for every user it will take about 2 hours to implement it… For me it is not worth the time…

Feel free to provider a PR how ever my design skill are non existed…

Almost unable to implement due to the limitations in listing sub dirs due to ssh for writing

See: Added chmod perm, modal to change, api with local/ftp/sftp by AndreiTelteu · Pull Request #399 · filegator/filegator · GitHub

After it get merged we should be able to provide it…

Feel free to provide PR’s … Everybody wants 100 changes but don’t want to put the effort into to make the changes…

I don’t have any plans to make any changes at the moment…


There are several File Managers in the market known for their advanced functionalities, user-friendly interfaces, and overall superior performance of FileGator. Making a switch to one of these options could not only resolve the current issues but also enhance the overall usability of HestiaCP.

All the filemanagers have massive issues because the file owner ship is always wrong…

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I agree with vu group and thank the Hestia team for all the great work done.

After reading all the forum threads regarding filegator “unknown error” and trying to fix the error, I finally decided to use Tiny File Manager 2.5.3
and I will start working on it.

If you require support to advance in a new integration, count on me.

We have talked about it few years ago and it hasn’t the changed the security issues …

So the answer is no…

You’re right about that.

Do you think that by solving the security problems, it could be a good candidate for HestiaCP?

The main issue we run PHP under a different user than the website owner so this issue will always be there …


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