Request to Adjust User and Project Storage to Mounted Volume

Hello Hestia Team,

Currently, my server is equipped with both a 160 GB local drive (/dev/sdb) and a 160 GB mounted volume (/dev/sda). Unfortunately, I am unable to increase the capacity of the local drive (/dev/sdb), but I do have the capability to expand the mounted volume (/dev/sda).

I have installed Hestia CP on the server following the provided instructions. My understanding is that, by default, all user data is stored on the local drive (/dev/sdb). However, as I am running out of space on the local drive, I would like to maintain the existing 18 users on /dev/sdb while directing future projects to be stored on the mounted volume (/dev/sda), which can be expanded as needed.

Could you please provide guidance on how I can configure Hestia CP to store new projects on the mounted volume (/dev/sda) while preserving the data of the existing users on the local drive (/dev/sdb)?

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and any assistance you can provide.

Thank you for your time and support.