Resetting changes php.ini my.cnf after reboot

how to avoid dumping my changes?

There should not be any changes to the php.ini or my.cnf files after a reboot, can you please provide us more informations what exactly happens and aswell what your os is?

rechecked, with automatic update they fly off, 4 vds debian 10 and for all reset my config

automatic update for what?

please be more informative if you expect us to help or diagnose… include in your issue description what os you are running, which components of hestia, which manual changes you did to what, which updates exactly you triggered and how.

of course an update to the php and mysql packages might overwrite changes. usually debconf is going to ask first, however depending on how you run this update you might force a YES on all requests. that then might lead to your configs getting overwritten, simple as that.

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