Restart of dovecot failed

Recently, I have delete tmp and cache folder tor cleanup. Next day i got error email as below. Is there any serious issue? Any action required?

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recreate the folders you’ve deleted…

I dont know which folders I have deleted, I have just delete all files and folder which inside cache and tmp directory. I dont have any idea about future errors by just tmp files

we cant tell you either what you’ve deleted. Maybe you could get some help of a sysadmin - from here its impossible to help.

What you must know, which files and which folders of hestia is stored in tmp folder. and storing imp data in tmp folder is make sence? and not recommended to delete tmp or cache?

Uff, to be clear, did you delete all files and folders inside all tmp and cache dirs you find in your system?

Is not only Hestia, is all your services in your system. A lot of services/processes use cache and tmp to store data while they are running, if you delete them, the process can crash, you could get corrupted data, etc.

You should try to restart your server and check servive per service that they are starting correctly, most of your services will recreate the missing data but maybe some of them won’t do and maybe you could need to create a missing dir…

For example, if you check now dovecot status, do you see any error?

YES, unfortunately. During server cleanup.

dovecot is now running.

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If now you can’t see any errors then I won’t be too much worried, as I said, check that all services are running fine and there are no errors in logs.

Let’s look on the bright side, you have learned that you should not delete files indiscriminately :stuck_out_tongue:


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