Restarted NGINX and lost access to my sites

Hi everyone,

I thought I would share my experience. I’ve been with Hestia since 1.2.X and have taken upgrades up to 1.5.8 I restarted NGINX through the control panel last night and all my sites dropped and started defaulting to the skel page or showing the 521 for the cloudflare enabled domains.

I could not figure out what the issue was, I know 521 errors often indicate firewall fail2ban has kicked in but I added the cloudflare IP list and I was unable to get my sites back. If I removed cloudflare proxy from the cloudflare enabled domains I would see the skel page.

I checked the NGINX config for each of the domains and they would point to the /public_html/ for each of the domains as expected.

I checked various logs Error, Access, Apache, NGINX, PHP but wasn’t able to track down the issue.

I’d love to know where I was going wrong, I even updated to 1.5.8 - 1.5.9 and restarted the VPS
multiple times but could only see the skel page across all the domains.

In the end I used the amazing hestiacp back-up feature and restored my users to a fresh installation of hestiacp and restored the access to my sites.

My reason for the restarting NGINX? - I was getting a open() (13: Permission Denied) error for /var/cache/nginx/client_temp and decided I would rename client_temp and restarted NGINX to reset the permissions.

What is the output of nginx -t

nginx: the configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf syntax is ok
nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf test is successful

It looks like you have overwritten default config file of nginx

Check /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

yep thats it! thanks both.

I’ve tried the rebuild command for the admin user but it hasn’t rebuild the config it was before.

Restore to this?

Is more up to date

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