Restore a single email account from backup

We had a person delete all their emails intentionally. We are looking to restore the individual’s email account. What is the best way of going about restoring just his email without restoring everything from backup (All emails, websites, etc)

I would restore on a new server and then use IMAPsync to move the emails. Alternatively you may put the mailbox folder in a zip file.


Thanks @jlguerrero I was hoping for a 1 click email account restore like websites. I’m surprised that was not thought of as an option for HestiaCP. This is a feature i’m sure will come in handy for situations like this. I will take your advice and spin up another instance in the meantime. Wish me luck Its a big Whopping 60GB Email account hahaha.

In my experience, I only need the full email backup for a domain.

I can always restore the full backup and delete the rest. That should be easy and inefficient but who cares since the server will do all the work.

Take a look at this command: