Restore Cpanel Backup emails problem ( FIXED )

Hello Everyone,

I was trying to restore some cPanel backups and noticed two things.

1- After login to the email it takes the same size but it shows ( No subject ) and no emails at all until I use other tools like imapsync to fix it and its a headache already.

2- Hestiacp doesn’t restore the email password, while in other panels it can restore the email passwords like cyberpanel for example so why don’t do the same cyberpanel team do ?

I’m aware that its an open source panel but I’m asking before starting digging in the code maybe anyone faced that problems before.

Cyberpanel uses this code to restore the cPanel email password from the backup all credit to them:


          PasswordPath = '%s/homedir/etc/%s/shadow' % (CompletPathToExtractedArchive, items)
                            PasswordData = open(PasswordPath, 'r').readlines()

                            for i in PasswordData:
                                if i.find(it) > -1:
                                    finalPassword = '%s%s' % ('{CRYPT}', i.split(':')[1])
                                    eUser.password = finalPassword



As I know the email password restore works fine

From what version of cpanel you transfer ?

Any error in restore script ?

In configuration file you can see the password hash ?

I will try reproduce this

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See PR I just merged…


Thanks bro,

Yes thats me :smiley:

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