Restore IPs on user restore

Hi, when restoring hestiacp admin and users are all IPS supposed to be restored?

I did edit /etc/network/interfaces with entries previously added IPs added by hestiacp but they are not in control panel network config?

Note this is restore is using same IPs as old server.

seems all dns are rewritten to just use one IP address?


You need to add the ips via the web interface first. Hestia will need to create the local files in /usr/local/hestia/data/ips before it is aware of the ip address.


Is there a way to reduce this mistake? Maybe a dialog box before importing with a warning of the things you should take into account.

IPs isnt anything that can be warned about. Either you’ve configured them or not, also we can’t know if it is just a restore on a existing system or a new one - just to much possibilities. If youbwant, you can expand the hestia docs about that part, you’ll find it here: GitHub - hestiacp/hestiacp-docs: Hestia Control Panel Documentation | Want to contribute? Pull req

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