Root Email on email-less LEMP server

We’re running a fantastic HestiaCP LEMP server we installed on Debian and use another server for email, so dovecot, exim etc wasn’t installed. We wanted to keep all email off this server.

Is there a way to still get the server to send us root email or are we stuck monitoring the messages log?

Install postfix / exim. Only the “sending” part


Should I install it through the cli using apt-get or using the hestiacp installer cli script? I want to make sure the server and panel see the MTA.

Also, besides root is there a list of other senders to add to the alias list?

Currently you can rerun Hestia Install script it will mostlikly break your current install

And make sure you add

to the /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf

if you just need system based mails like from cronjob or notifications, you can install for example postfix over apt.


Thanks for the replies. We’re only looking to get [email protected] email as well as email from the panel (eg. backup is done) so we want to try and avoid installing exim, clamav, etc etc.

What about something leaner like sSMTP or msmtp, if in fact they are leaner than postfix? As long as sendmail is linked would the panel pick this up to send email?

BTW, using 2 other panels for more than a decade and 1/2 and love the work found in HestiaCP. I appreciate the help.

EDIT: Installed msmtp from cli and working great. Server is sending email. Thanks @eris @ScIT for your guidance.