Root or admin access to MySql?

How can I get Root or admin access to MySql so I can edit user privilege and location allowance.

Also, why am I forced to have user names like scott_scott instead of the normal single word?


There is a file with the root password stored. Don’t remember exactly where… It has been treated before in this forum.

Because hestiaCP has been designed this way.

It also avoids duplicate database names and it is easier to know which database belongs to which user.


Thanks for the response.

  1. I thought any file with the password would be encrypted. So is there no default, root or built in admin login that can be used?

  2. In our case, there would only be one user which is me as the site operator. Is there a way to change the Mysql so that it doesn’t use the scott_scott format? I’m looking to move a lot of sites that already have user and password set and hoping not to have to rewrite them all.



no, the root password is not encrypted, its also placed in /root/.my.cnf (or similar)

No, it is harcoded/not adjustable, you need to rewrite them or manualy create database and user (which i do not suggest to do so).

Since you can know the name you can make a script for it.

I’m not sure how that would work.

Drop the files in the public html directory.

Have a script read the wp-config, create the databases and import with WP cli