Roundcube and phpmyadmin read as text


I have issues with Roundcube and Phpmyadmin opening as text instead php. I checked everything and it’s looks like there is no php-fpm process creating. The server has been installed without apache, only nginx and php7.3-fpm. I tested everything, even changed port fastcgi with socket and nothing can fix those two.
Any advice? Never had similar problem in vestacp.

Thank you

Welcome to Hestia Forum @demlasjr

We need to clarify a few points here:

  1. What OS do you use?
  2. Did you reboot OS after the installation?
  3. Do you use stock NGINX configuration or custom one?
  4. How exactly do you access phpMyAdmin / Roundcube?
  5. Does the rest of your php powered websites work properly?

I personally do not use neither of those. Replaced phpMyAdmin with Adminer and Roundcube with RainLoop. That said, I had to make several changes to Hestia configuration. Nevertheless php-fpm socket was working properly. There was no need to change it at all.


Hi @martineliascz,

Thanks for reply.

  1. It’s on Debian Stretch
  2. Yes and many times trying to fix it
  3. Stock NGINX
  4. http://server-domain/phpmyadmin
  5. Yes, everything works, but not phpmyadmin and roundcube, I see every single line of php as text. See attached:

I see, thanks for clarification.

Could you please share screenshot from Roundcube - mail.yourdomain.tld?

@Lupu or @ScIT could help us here, since this issue may be connected to backend hestia-nginx.

Hi again @martineliascz,

After lot of tries I’m finally getting mysql permissions errors in roundcube, trying to change password in database.
Still having problem with phpmyadmin

Hi @demlasjr - thanks for the heads-up!

Please verify that the following line: “fastcgi_pass;” is present in the:

Please check output of the following command as well:
“netstat -tunlp | grep php-fpm”

You should see this line:
“tcp 0 0* LISTEN”

Thank you.

Hello @demlasjr, there seems to be something wrong with your setup.

I just tested HesiaCP on a clean Debian9 and phpmyadmin and roundcube were setup properly.


  1. Install debian 9 and login as root
  2. Download Hestia installer
  3. Start installer:
    bash --nginx yes --apache no --phpfpm yes --hostname serverhostname.tld -p PASS --email [email protected]
  4. After install finishes, login to Hestia web and add mail domain. (serverhostname.tld:8083/add/mail/)
  5. test phpmyadmin: http://serverhostname.tld/phpmyadmin
  6. test roundcube: http://webmail.serverhostname.tld/ or http://mail.serverhostname.tld/

Hi @Lupu Lupu,

I don’t want to reinstall everything again, there are like 20 domains already working.
It’s weird and I’m lost, I never had issues or I always could fix issues like this in vesta, but I have no idea how to do it here.

@demlasjr - We do understand the hassle connected therewith.

However reinstall is the easiest and most probably fastest method.
You can always restore previously backed up domains using CLI.

I have just tried it myself and backup/restore is fully working.

If you would rather stick with your current installation - please check things I previously pointed out.

As I told you roundcube is fixed, the problem is with phpmyadmin now and I don’t find any files dedicated to it.

What do you have exactly for a setup? apache2+nginx? nginx+php-fpm?

Basicly the config for pma is set here: