Roundcube cannot Send nor Receive Email and PHPMailer cannot send email

Something is wrong here. I have Dovecot and Exim on the server configured for Hestia. I can login to my Emails through Roundcube, but the emails do not receive email nor are they able to send emails. I checked the ports with Telnet on Putty. I hit the Ports 143, 993, 110, 995, 587, 465 and all the ports are fine and do connect. I also configured RoundCube to point to the proper Certificates at /usr/local/hestia/ssl/certificate.crt. I turned off the Firewalls too and still nothing works.

When I try to send an email with PHP Mailer, I get “Error sending: SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.” and when I send an email with Roundcube, I get “Connection failed: Failed to connect socket: Connection refused”. I tried sending emails to these addresses and they always bounce. What is going on with this?