RoundCube: fix permision

Greetings pretty,
I need advice on how to set the permissions correctly. Did it fail to load after the update?
“watermark.html: 1 Failed to load resource: server responded with status of 403 ()”

Thank you for any help :slight_smile:

Hi @Snyrch

Please switch to webmail.domain.tld instead /webmail. If you enable mail ssl (edit mail domain -> tick SSL Checkbox -> tick Let’s Encrypt checkbox -> save), you’ll get a valid https connection, otherwise you’ll stay on http which is not recommend.

Let me know, if this works properly for you!

Thank you for the quick reply,
the error is not in the SSL certificate, I think the error is rather after the update in the file permissions on the server.


please do not post your server or mail data here, even if it just for test reasons. you might make yourself a target to morons, trying to attack or abuse your server. hence I redacted the part and suggest you delete that account quickly :wink:

from the looks of it you run a different skin/template on roundcube? at least I am not familiar with that one. did you install it yourself or is that something new I somehow missed?

It makes the same mistake in all skins :frowning:

okay, but did you install/modify/update the skins/themes somehow yourself?

sorry if I am missing something here, I just don’t recall what came with roundcube as an option and what not… just trying to figure if you changed something to the files or if it’s a problem within roundcube itself.

if it’s not roundcube out of the box, I’d guess you probably dumped some files somewhere, which indeed might have messed up some permissions. but - hard to say where or what, without knowing, what you did ^^

Even so, thank you for your help, I will try to restore it from backup and update again, I followed the official documentation for the update.

Using the update script

There is a shell script (for unix based systems) that does the job for you.
To use it, unpack the archive of the new Roundcube version to a temporary location
(don’t replace the Roundcube installation you want to update)
and cd into that directory. From there, run the following command in a shell:


For you specify the path to the Roundcube installation
which should be updated. The update script will then copy all new files to the
target location and check and update the configuration and database schema.
After all is done, the temporary folder with the new Roundcube files can be
removed again.

WARNING: Make sure files have proper owner/group for your setup. If you use
tar to extract the package, --no-same-owner option might be helpful.
WARNING: See Post-Upgrade Activities section below.

you should probably check what the install script is doing… and mind that warning, they explicitly write down there :smiley:

if the files have already wrong owner/permission after extraction and the install-script simply copies them, the webserver might simply not be able to access them after all.

most of roundcube files reside in /usr/share/roundcube if I am not mistaken. they usually need to be world-readable for the webserver to access them. you probably want to check the file permission in /etc/roundcube too.

Ok, I thought he was solving it --no-same-owner :smiley: