Roundcube is not sending emails, just receiving

I have HestiaCP installed and working well for about 4 months. The email server always worked fine. but now i am only receiving emails but can not send even doo the roundcube system tell that the email has been send.

Check /var/log/exim4/mainlog

Thank you eris for your reply. I check the mainlog and copy some details from the log to a jpg.
The problems started a few weeks ago with the forwarding from de server to another email accounts

and now it just stop sending all emails.
I have more servers with hestiacp installed but just have problems with this one.

did you upgrade to 1.6.3 ?

Yes I did. the problem is the same

Maybe this image as better information

you’ve a timeout there, try to manualy verify if smtp communication is working properly → Test SMTP Connection Using A Manual Telnet Session or a lot of other guides available with a google search. Probaly ISP started to block outgoing port 25.


Thank you ScIT for your help. I tested the port manually and it is open. But during the process the emails start to be send even the ones that i sent yesterday to test the system.

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