Roundcube - Server Error! (error)

Hi everyone,

can you please assist me with a few errors I am getting when using Roundcube webmail? I am unable to upload attachments even if the limit is set to 75MB. I am getting server error :

I am also getting this error when typing email address into the email address field. Any idea where to look at and how to fix this. I have looked at the error log but I don’t have a clue what could be wrong as I do see only warnings there and no errors.

Thank you in advance.


Check the error logs

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Hi Eris,

as I said, I found only warnings in the error log which didn’t lead me to the solution. I have found this article which helped to fix it. It works like a charm now.

It might help others who are experiencing this issue as well.

You can mark it as resolved now.


P.S. Keep up great job with HestiaCP. You guys rock!

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