Roundcube1.5 & Managesieve

Hi, I have the new version of Roundcube 1.5 installed and also ran /usr/local/hestia/upgrade/manual/
The instructions say to run
/usr/local/hestia/install/manual/ but it’s not located there on my system. No big deal and that’s not the problem.

I have port 4190 open and the managesieve plugin is on in Roundcube. I can create and save filters in roundcube, but they don’t do anything. What am I missing? Thanks.

Did you run the command it is…


Yes. I did and I mentioned that in my original post.:grin:

I had a look in the dovecot logs and I do see that managesieve is doing something, but the message it hit on was set to move to junk and it did not do that. I realize this isn’t a Hestia problem, but I’m sure someone here understands what might be going on. Please. Here is the log clip I changed my address in the log:

Nov 27 20:52:47 managesieve([email protected])<16998>: Info: Disconnected: Logged out bytes=358/893
Nov 27 20:52:57 lda([email protected])<17007>: Info: msgid=[email protected]: saved mail to INBOX

OMG, I feel so stupid!!! In Roundcube on the filter screen There is a dropdown called “managesieve” and if you have not clicked the “actions” to enable it, of course the sieve filters do not work.


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