Roundcude change password not working

I have a brand new install and when I use roundcube to try and change a user password I get:

"An error occurred!

Could not save new password."

I checked and it appease the config file is using the hestia password plugin. Roundcube always causes problem because of the way it’s stored in different directories. Can you tell me where I would look to make sure it’s configured correctly.

On a different note. Does Hestia store the passwords for mail in any databases except the /etc/exim4/domains/ (which actually links to the home directory) ?


Known issue

That is not the issue. /etc/roundcube/plugins/password/
Has the correct host name and port number. I had already checked there.

Ok I think I found the problem. Webmail for my 3 domains is using the self-signed ssl certificates, but the control panel shows a letsencrypt certificate for every webdomain amd email domain, including the main domain the panel runs on. I’m not sure how to fix that.