Rouncube update password plugin not working after upgrade 1.6.11

Hi All

i`ve tried all the best googling and find out about this error.

i`ve following this

But no luck.

version 1.6.11
rouncube 1.6.0

CSRF has disable, still Could not new save password.


You are correct:

Will fix it

Hi @eris

Appreciate with your respond. So what should i do ? remove CSRF or waiting else>

In Server settings under “Security” “System” you can disable CSRF check set it to off

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mark to be solution. cuus, god willing will donate to this community. really appreciate and thank you @eris


I’m also unable to let users update their own passwords through Roundcube webmail until I turned this option off. However, one question, is it safe in other areas where the CSRF protection is needed?

Yes it is only an extra security layer. Will be fixed with next release…

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