Run Hestia behind another Reverse Proxy

Hello all. All the best to the Hestia family in 2024. I will try my best to be brief.
I have been using HestiaCP for a number of years and have absolutely no complaints
I have HCP installed on a small bare metal PC (ThinkCenter Mini) and host 3 personal websites and mail in my homelab. I host several other services (Nextcloud, Plex, TrueNAS, etc.) on separate bare metal PC’s as well. I have decided to consolidate all on a HP Proliant ML350P Gen8 that I just picked up. I am running VMware ESXi v.6.5.x
I would like to use Nginx Proxy Manager which I have running in a docker container on one VM. NPM requires that I forward ports 80 / 443 to it’s IP
Can I install/run HestiaCP in it’s own VM and add a proxy host in NPM which would then redirect to my HestiaCP VM. I did read something in another post that mentioned forwarding ports 8080 and 8443. Would this be in the newly created NPM proxy host or at my router. I am no guru so please go easy on me. Your time, patience, and assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Nginx Proxy Manager
NPM - Custom Location